My Y Story – Adam

Adam Y Story

At just 19 Adam got a wake-up call that changed his life. His doctor shared that due to his current lifestyle, he was at high risk for developing diabetes. “It really scared me!” he said because just 3 years earlier when he was 16, his father passed away due to diabetes. “His blood sugars were too high and it killed him…I didn’t want it killing me.” At that moment Adam decided to make a change by controlling his food portions and working out at the Central Spokane YMCA 5-6 times a week. After almost two years of focused dedication, Adam has lost 108 pounds and is no longer at a high risk for diabetes. He enjoys coming to the Y to work out because the staff are so encouraging and are always there to help. Adam found a place that would be supportive and helpful where he could achieve his health goals. He loves being an example for others who may be in the same situation he was in to show them that they can make a change for the better just as he has done.



YMCA of the Inland Northwest
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