Staff Spotlight – Danielle

Danielle SS

Ask any parent how it feels to look after a group of energetic kids and you’ll probably get a pair of wide-eyes, ask Danielle, and you’ll get a smile. Spokane Valley YMCA’s Youth & Family Lead has been working in Child Watch for 16 years and has seen and heard it all, and she loves it.

Before starting her family, Danielle knew she wanted to work somewhere that had a supportive family atmosphere. Her career with the YMCA began in high school, caring for and entertaining countless children who came through the doors of the Y. Now with four kids of her own, she is even more grateful for the role the Y community has played in her family’s life.

Danielle knows she’s impacted those around her as well, “I get to watch these kids grow up. It felt like not that long ago they were right here [in Child Watch] and now they’re graduating high school,” Danielle said. Her work doesn’t just impact the kids she cares for, “I’m a mom, I know all the stresses they have. I get to give these parents the break they deserve.”

Danielle says the best thing about working at the YMCA is making connections, “Building relationships with families and kids is what makes this place so special. The family dynamic of the Y is amazing.”

Keeping the party going in Child Watch is important to Danielle, “I want to make sure it’s enjoyable for kids to come here, we keep it light and fun while keeping them safe. I like being silly with them. Dancing and singing, they love it and I love being able to be myself.”

When she isn’t working at the Y, Danielle loves caring for her four children and spending time with her husband. They enjoy bike riding, going to the lake and soaking up all the sunshine they can.

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