Staff Spotlight – Breanne


Breanne is the site director for the YMCA’s after-school program at Reardan Elementary School, caring for children Kindergarten through 5th grade. She began over a year ago with the Y, before that she cared for preschoolers at her church and her own children as a stay at home mom. “I’ve always been involved in working with kids and this gave me the opportunity to keep helping children.”

Breanne says that connecting with children of all ages fuels her passion, “you get the opportunity to influence them, and be influenced by them as well.” This school year Breanne has made a personal reflection activity each month for the students. “A thankful tree in November, a blessings tree in December, a snowman full of things they like about themselves in January and this March they will be creating a luck rainbow filled with things they feel lucky to have or experience. “I use these activities to instill compassion and love for others, and also taking the time to affirm compassion and love for themselves.”

Breanne says working for the Y has been a welcomed change and a wonderful work environment, “they give you the freedom to come up with things to reach and connect with the kids. It’s been a liberating experience to have bosses that truly appreciate you and want you to succeed. There’s room for growth and they want you to develop.”

When she’s not working at Rearden Elementary, Breanne enjoys being involved with the local wrestling club with her son and horse training with her daughter. With time to herself she enjoys being an artist, creating jewelry and clothing, and painting. Born and raised in Reardan, Breanne is a 5th generation resident of the town, her family being some of the original homesteaders there.

“When you work with kids and you really listen and pay attention to them you can develop a relationship with them. You get on their level and understand what’s going on with them, it allows you to help whatever they are going through.”

The YMCA is proud to have Breanne as a part of our family and all the work she does to help children in the Reardan community.

YMCA of the Inland Northwest
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