Staff Spotlight – Amanda

Amanda Staff Spotlight

When Amanda graduated from college she sought a job that would allow her to help children and their families grow. After 7 years at the Eastern Washington University Children’s Center, Amanda says she is working at her “dream job” as the Family Services Coordinator.

She describes her job as holistic care for families with children enrolled in the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). She meets with parents and identifies goals for them to accomplish while their children are being cared for. Whether the goals be academic, professional or health related, Amanda assists the parents with making a plan to better their situation. “We make sure parents are taken care of. Because we know if they aren’t, that will affect the child’s success,” Amanda said.

Amanda says the most common goal for parents is for them to finish their studies and earn their degree from EWU.

“Doing this job, specifically at EWU, is special because many of these parents are trying to better themselves. As parents our needs always take a back seat to whatever our family requires, but these parents are trying hard to better themselves, and we are here to help them through it,” Amanda said.

Working at the EWU Children’s Center has its perks, Amanda’s office is just a few yards away from the classroom her 2-year-old son, David, spends his day. “It’s honestly so great to have him here. Sometimes I just walk by and waive, and I know he’s being taken care of and loved,” Amanda said.

The family atmosphere of the YMCA helps keep work positive and enjoyable throughout the year. Amanda sings the praises of her coworkers and supervisors for being supportive and understanding of work-life balance. “Being a mom can be difficult, and the Y gets that. They are flexible and understanding of things that come up in life, everyone here supports each other whatever their situation is,” Amanda said.

Amanda grew up in Cheney and is happy to be in her hometown helping families through the early stages of parenthood. When she isn’t working, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and dog. She is heavily involved in her community church and ministry work.

If you would like more information about ECEAP or any other childcare services offered by the EWU Children’s Center, please call 509 359 2025.

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