My Y Story – Gerald

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Like so many others, Gerald Crowder felt like a little gym time before a big event would be just the thing to help him feel stronger and get in shape. But sometimes the getting started part can be the most difficult. But here at the YMCA our staff are always ready to jump in and lend a hand. He decided to ask Brad from the South YMCA for help. Together they defined his goals and created a personalized plan on how to use all that stuff: cables and benches, weights, and cardio equipment can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. Then personal trainer Jonah stepped in to show Gerald the ropes. Literally.

Now armed with the information he needed and Jonah’s encouragement, Gerald was off on his fitness journey, committed for his own personal growth and the event deadline. But wouldn’t you know it, this was just two weeks before covid closed our YMCA doors for three months. During this time, the event he was working for was canceled but that didn’t deter his motivation to keep going toward his goal. He credits the South Y team for helping him along the way, even throughout the time we were closed. Jonah put together a routine for him and he continued to stay active, even ramping up to running 10 miles a day! He ran all over the South Hill and increased his strength and endurance while also losing 30 pounds! But he really missed seeing all the staff at the South YMCA. Brad and Jennings and the whole team were excited to see his progress and happy to see him back once our doors reopened. He said he feels like he’s part of the Y team, everyone knows his name and he looks forward to coming to the Y. It has helped him stay mentally focused through all of this, his little escape from everything.

Thanks to all his efforts and the help of the South Y team, since February he has lost over 50 pounds and feels better than ever. But he shares it isn’t about the weight loss, though that’s great, it’s about being healthier and stronger, making better nutrition choices, and feeling great! If you see Gerald congratulate him and encourage him in his next set of goals. You’ve got this Gerald, we’re beside you all the way.

YMCA of the Inland Northwest
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