Traditional Overnight Programs:

The 2024 Camp Reed Summer Guide outlines all the important information you and your campers will need for a successful session of camp this summer that includes information from packing lists, store money information, horse programs, frequently asked questions, and more! Please read through this document and reach out to the Camp Reed Office with any further questions.2024 Camp Reed Summer Guide

In April of 2022, Washington State released updated guidance for summer camps. As required by the Washington State Outdoor Recreation COVID-19 Requirements, YMCA Camp Reed has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan specific to the operations of Summer 2023.

As we plan for Summer 2024 at Camp Reed, we continue to evaluate the information coming from the CDC, Washington State Department of Health, NE Tri-County Health District, Alliance for Camp Health, and the American Camp Association. Camp Reed will be collecting COVID-19 vaccine date information and COVID-19 infection dates on your campers Health History Form. YMCA Camp Reed strongly urges all community members to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines. As required by the Washington State Outdoor Recreation COVID-19 Requirements, YMCA Camp Reed has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan, specific to the operations of Summer 2023. Please take a minute to review Camp Reed’s 2023 COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Traditional Camp

2024 Traditional Camp – All Weeks
Check-In Sunday at 4:00pm
Check-Out Saturday at 10:30am


2024 Work Week
Bike Week
Check-In Sunday at 4:00pm Sunday at 4:00pm
Check-Out Friday at 5:00pm Saturday at 10:15am

Mini Camp

2024 Mini Camp “A” Sessions Mini Camp “B” Sessions
Check-In Sunday at 4:00pm Thursday at 10:00am
Check-Out Tuesday at 5:00pm Saturday at 10:15am


In 2022, Camp Reed went electronic with our Health History forms! If you’ve registered in previous years, you would have seen a PDF form you printed out or filled out online. Camp Reed utilizes a program call ‘CampSpace’. More information regarding 2024 Health History Forms will be sent to registered families in the coming months.

CampSpace (aka., PlayerSpace) communications will be sent to the email linked to your YMCA Online Account. The email we collected at registration may differ from the email linked to your account, so if you have any questions or would like to verify your email on file, please contact the Camp Reed Office.

To begin familiarizing yourself with our new system, please take a look at our 2024 Camp Reed Online Forms Directions.

If you have questions about 2024 Camp Reed Health History Forms or the transition to CampSpace, please contact Camp Reed Office Administrator, Patrick “Post-It” McConnell.

Register Online or call 509 720 5630.

See more information on how to register online under How to Register.

REGISTRATION & FINAL PAYMENT: Registration to camp is initiated through payment of a non-refundable deposit that secures your child’s spot at camp. Final payment must be received on or before June 1st. If a payment plan has not been arranged with the Office Administrator, registration may be suspended and your camper placed on a waiting list for their chosen session if there is a balance owing after June 1st. You may pay by check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. If paying by check, please include camper’s name on check and designate what portion is for store money.

  1. Change in plans: We understand that circumstances can change and so we have established policies for transfers, cancellations and refunds.
  2. Transfers: Transfers may be made at no charge and are based upon availability.
  3. Cancellations: If we are given more than one week (7 full calendar days) notice prior to session start, we may refund your fee, less the non-refundable deposit. If a camper must leave camp during the session due to medical reasons/illness reimbursement may be available (fee, less deposit & pro-rata daily rate).
  4. Refunds will not be made for the following:
    1. Cancellations less than one (1) week prior to session start
    2. No shows
    3. If parent/guardian chooses to pick camper up for any reason other than illness
    4. Campers who violate camp policies and are sent home (camper pick up and transportation is the parent/guardian’s responsibility)

Camp fees depend on the program. Review programs and fees under Programs, Dates & Rates.

Yes, Camp Reed is ACA accredited. ACA Accreditation means that Camp Reed undergoes a thorough (up to 300 standards) review of its operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. American Camp Association collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camp Reed and ACA form a partnership that promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

ACA helps Camp Reed provide:

  • Healthy, developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences
  • Discovery through experiential education
  • Caring, competent role models
  • Service to the community and the environment
  • Opportunities for leadership and personal growth

Camp Reed will offer an Open House & New Camper Orientation – TBD 2024.  Take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize your camper with Camp Reed. We encourage new campers and their parents/guardians to visit camp prior to the beginning of the summer season. The tour will begin at 2pm and will last for about 45 minutes. This is the ideal introduction for your camper to visit camp, see the sights, ask questions and meet some of the summer staff.

Yes! Thanks in part to the generous donors who put Philanthropy into Action, we are able to offer financial assistance for camperships. YMCA Camp Reed is committed to ensuring every child has the ability to spend a fun-filled week at camp exploring, learning, laughing, playing, and much, much more.

To begin, please complete the Childcare & Programs Financial Assistance Application.

Note: The Programs & Childcare Financial Assistance expires annually and must be resubmitted each year. Financial Assistance is valid through April 30 of each year.

Qualifying applicants may receive a discount on camp programs. Financial assistance must be approved prior to registering for camp. Email or drop off the form at any of our branches, or the YMCA corporate office 1126 N Monroe. You may also fax it to 509 343 4096.

See more information on Financial Assistance under Programs, Dates & Rates.

Please Note: Camp Reed financial assistance applies for the summer the child/children attends camp.

Camp Activities: A camper’s time at camp is divided between unit time, cabin activities, and free-choice time and all-camp events. Each day we have flagpole gatherings, chapel, waterfront activities, cabin clean up, work areas and RAM (Rest After Meal) after lunch. Day and night hikes are extremely popular.

Activity Level of Camp: Camp Reed is a very active camp: LOTS of walking, hiking, swimming and activity. For some campers this is an adjustment to their town activity level. If your camper’s activity level is more sedentary, it is a good idea to take lots of walks, hikes, etc. in order to get in shape for camp. Sending good shoes to camp is essential. If you are in need of assistance for clothing or shoes for camp, call the camp office for a confidential consultation.

Swim Test: Camp Reed is located on the incredibly beautiful Fan Lake. On Monday all campers, by cabin, will take a swim test in our docks to determine ability: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. If a camper chooses not to take the swim test they can still enjoy swimming and water activities while wearing a life jacket. Campers may re-test. All boating activities require life jackets.

Free-Choice Activities: Free-choice activities include arts & crafts, archery, climbing, sports, waterfront, and wilderness activities. We also offer plenty of new and unique activities each day such as turtle hunts, random parades, stream hikes, boat races and a “Shark Swim” across the lake. This is a great time for campers to be with friends in different cabins.

Units: After Sunday check in, counselors will help campers to pick their top 3 unit choices. Units meet three times during the week for about 2 hours per session, and each camper will be assigned to ONE unit for the week, with older campers receiving first choice. Most unit activities are also available during free-choice time.

Archery Climbing Wall Waterfront Fishing
Mountain Biking Adventure Drama/Dance Challenge (Ropes Course)
Sports Arts & Crafts Wilderness Horse Unit (add’l fee)


Overnight: Once a week, weather permitting, each cabin joins with another for a sleep-out. This often includes a long hike (1 – 7 miles) and a night out under the stars. Younger cabins stay close to camp, while older campers explore further away from camp. Backpacks or bags to carry sleeping bags and water bottles are helpful.

Nighttimes: We have three campfires with songs and crazy staff skits with a special “sticks” campfire on the last evening. One night is reserved for a carnival and a camp dance. These events conclude around 9:30pm, and lights are out between 10:30pm and 11:30pm. Wake up bell is at 8:30am.

Trail Ride: After your child is registered for traditional camp at Camp Reed, you may register them to participate in a trail ride. Trail ride registration is separate from traditional camp registration with an additional fee, and this option is only offered for campers ages 10-14. Trail rides last approximately one hour and consist of a ride out on camp property.

Horse Unit: The horse unit covers three, two-hour introductory level classes which include trail rides. This will be your child’s unit choice while at camp. Registration for Horse Unit is separate from traditional camp registration with an additional fee. Ages 11-14 only.

You may find the links to Trail Ride & Horse Unit registrations in the Traditional Camp section under Programs, Dates & Rates and will only be available Weeks 3 & 4 for Summer 2023.

Make sure your camper knows they are responsible for good self-care:

  • Brushing teeth, washing, changing clothes & daily hygiene.
  • Bug spray & sunscreen are camper’s responsibility; practice applying at home.

Pack with your camper so they know what they brought and where it is:

  • Clothes don’t stay clean for long at camp. Realize that at Camp Reed part of the fun is not worrying about how you look. Rolling on the ground for fun is not uncommon!

Talk with them about making good choices:

  • There are lots of options at camp. Talk about how to make good decisions.
  • Encourage your camper to ask for help (JC, counselor, or directors) if they have a problem.
  • We can’t help them out if we don’t know about the concern.

  • All staff are background checked upon hiring. Staff with consistent employment have background checks rerun every two years or if there has been a 60 day or more absence.
  • Camp Reed gives required CAP training upon hiring for all staff within the first two weeks of hiring.
  • All full-time staff participate in renewed CAP training yearly.
  • CAP training is also reviewed and discussed during training week before the start of Camp.
  • All YMCA staff are trained not to be, nor allowed to be alone with Campers. We practice a trio group system where all campers/staff must be in groups of 3 to avoid one-on-one situations.
  • Throughout the week, roamers are tasked to roam throughout Camp, checking for campers who are in need of activity or escort campers to needed areas or activities.
  • Frequent check-ins are in place to keep count of all campers.
  • Pre-Summer CAP policies are viewed before the start of each summer.
  • Camp Reed is ACA accredited, which examines all policies, activities, aspects of Camp, including camper safety and camper-to-staff interactions.
  • All YMCA Camp Reed volunteers also participate in renewed CAP training yearly.
  • The YMCA, participates in reoccurring CAP assessments to examine & assess our CAP policies & procures.

Camp Reed does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods, or items a camper may encounter during their stay at Camp Reed. If your child has a food allergy, please contact camp the week prior to your child’s visit to discuss the allergy with the camp nurse so we can better prepare to meet your child’s needs. Some food allergies are exceptionally difficult to accommodate at camp, although camp staff will do their best. In rare situations, you may be asked to send your camper with their own allergen-free foods, and this should be coordinated with Camp Directors or the Camp Nurse.

Food Allergies: Each day of camp, our staff prepares over 1000 meals. Through information parents provide, we attempt to identify and reduce the use of ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies. However, there is always a risk of contamination. Despite care on our part, there is the possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Families of campers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk.

Camp Reed is a NUT FREE camp. This means that we will not at any time serve food with peanuts or tree nuts. To help us keep our camp safe for all campers, please check all food labels and avoid packing any items that state the following:

  • “contains peanuts/tree nuts”
  • “may contain peanuts/tree nuts”
  • “manufactured on equipment that also processes peanuts/tree nuts”

Campers are sorted first by gender, then age/grade, then by cabin buddy requests. Each camper may designate ONE “buddy” at the time of registration (both must choose each other as their ONE choice). If ALL these conditions are met, we do our best to honor buddy requests.

If at check in you find that your child is not in the cabin with their designated buddy, please let the directors know. If it is possible, we try to work things out. We are not able to accommodate chains or large group requests. Groups and cabin buddies can interfere with opportunities to make new friends, which is part of our mission at camp. If your child is not placed with all of their friends, they will have plenty of opportunities to spend time with their friends during unit, free time or all camp activities. Some families (and campers) come WITHOUT a buddy for the sole purpose of meeting new friends. Sometimes we get requests for campers NOT to be with other campers. Although you may want your child to get away from the group they regularly spend time with, campers will be placed in a cabin with other campers their same age/grade. This may include some of their classmates, depending on the number of campers we have registered in their age/grade that week. Every week we have varying numbers of each grade, so this is NOT something we can predict or control.

YMCA Camp Reed does not accept care packages at drop off and any mailed packages will be returned at pick up. Letters to campers will still be happily accepted. To send a letter to your camper, you can mail it to the address below. Please include your campers name and session number.

YMCA Camp Reed
c/o “Camper Name, Week #”
1152 Fan Lake Rd.
Deer Park, WA 99006

Care packages are a source of joy when a camper receives one, and a source of great disappointment when they do not. A sense of competition often develops over who receives the biggest and best package. At YMCA Camp Reed, we strongly advocate an environment of equality and inclusion with every camper on equal footing and have found that care packages disrupt the delicate equilibrium at camp.

Despite a clearly communicated nut-free camp policy, care packages also frequently contain nut products or items that are at risk for cross-contamination. The ongoing risk to our vulnerable campers is a constant concern, and our staff spends a significant amount of time screening care package contents for allergen-containing items.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

The camp store is open 4 times during the week for campers to purchase healthy snacks, sport drinks, pop, candy, and ice cream with a daily limit, all priced $1 to $2. During free times the store is open to purchase authentic and awesome Camp Reed t-shirts, sweatshirts, white t-shirts for tie-dye, leather and craft materials, water bottles, sunglasses, stuffed animals, and other signature items priced $5 to $15. We recommend a store deposit of $25 – $75 for traditional campers or $15 – $30 for mini campers, depending on your child’s choice of purchases.

Updated Store Policy: YMCA Camp Reed does not accept Camp Reed Store Payments – or – additions at camp during check-in on Sundays. We will be accepting store payments until noon the Friday prior to your camper’s arrival. You will be able to add store money on Monday, after your camper is checked-in Sunday, by calling the downtown office. For further questions about this policy, please contact the Camp Reed Office.

How do I add Store Money?

  1. Visit our Program, Dates, & Rates page and use the link that corresponds with your campers week at camp & complete the payment online.
  2. Call the YMCA Camp Reed Office at 509 720 5630 and Patrick “Post-It” McConnell, Camp Reed Office Administrator, will gladly assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: The store is open on Saturdays after Parents Program to spend any funds left on account. We DO NOT accept credit cards or sell candy, pop or ice cream on Saturdays. Unless a written request is received, money not spent by camper is automatically donated to the Camper Program/Equipment Fund.

Some children experience the feeling of missing home, whether it is their first or fiftieth time away from home. To better prepare your child, have them spend a couple of nights away from home before they come to camp. Most of the time campers are so busy that they do not have time to think about missing home. However, some children may experience symptoms of homesickness including: Feeling sad at bed-time, feelings of loneliness, and a lack of interest in activities.

How parents/guardians can help:

  • Don’t project your apprehensions/concerns onto your child – keep it light.
  • Help your child focus on how much fun they will have at camp.
  • Let your child know that they will be busy and happy and that you are looking forward to sharing both of your experiences at the end of camp.
  • Don’t offer to pick up your child if they are missing home or family – this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and hampers their experience.
  • At drop off tell them you believe they are ready and that you will see them at pickup!
  • Attend the New Camper Orientation Open House. The good news is that it is a wonderful developmental step for your child to attend camp and almost all campers who miss home will overcome it and be just fine. In the unfortunate event that a camper shows severe anxiety, rest assured that we will place a phone call to ask you how you would like us to proceed.

Visits to camp during the week are not permitted during the summer season. Experience has shown us that parent visits tend to be disruptive to the camper as well as the staff who have to take time away from their program duties. If an emergency arises, a visit must be arranged and approved in advance through camp directors. Please be rest assured that if a situation comes to our attention during the week that requires your input, we will contact you and keep you updated.

It is very important that you label all items with your child’s name and that your child is aware that they are responsible for everything they bring to camp. On Saturday morning all lost items from that week are placed on tarps at the soccer field for viewing and reclaiming. After that the items are held at Camp Reed for two weeks. If you believe your camper is missing an item or clothing, please call the on-site office at 509 276 5262 and we will look through the lost and found from that week. If we find your item we will make arrangements to have it transported to the Camp Reed corporate office where you may pick it up. After two weeks, all salvageable items are donated to local charity.

In the event of an emergency, or power outage, we will keep families updated utilizing our Camp Reed Facebook Page

LABEL EVERYTHING! Traditional campers spend six nights at camp, one of them outdoors, weather permitting. Pack for a week of rain or a week of hot sun. Chances are we will have a little of both. We drip-dry our clothes when wet, and wash them only in emergencies. Modest dress is expected at Camp Reed.

DO NOT pack/wear: Low hanging or sagging pants, “short” shorts, halter tops, low cut/ see through/strapless shirts. Underwear/bra straps may not show. Swimsuits should be modest and cover-ups should be worn to and from the waterfront. Clothing may not advocate immoral conduct, disrespect of others or depict weapons, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Participants not meeting standards will be 1) Spoken to by cabin counselor 2) Spoken to by directors. Directors have the final say with regard to the appropriateness of any clothing worn at camp.

Traditional Camp Packing List:

Click here to view the latest YMCA Camp Reed Traditional Camp packing list.

CIT- Counselor in Training Packing List:

Click here to view the latest packing list for the YMCA Camp Reed CIT Program. List includes recommendations for both Work Week and Bike Week.

Mini Camp Packing List:

Click here to view the latest YMCA Camp Reed Mini Camp packing list.

Click here to see or print a map to camp.

From Spokane travel north to the Division Y and veer right onto Newport Highway (US 2) towards Riverside.

Drive through Riverside.

After entering Pend Oreille County (big sign), watch for Nicholson Road. Turn left at Nicholson Road.

Stay left on Fan Lake Road as it turns to dirt and winds down to Fan Lake (approx 1.2 miles). Be cautious of two-way traffic on the narrow, hairpin curves.

The Camp Reed entrance is on the right just after you pass the lake

Vehicles are only permitted in the parking lot, please do not drive past the Lodge into Camp Reed. If special assistance is needed, please just let us know.

YMCA of the Inland Northwest
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