Family Camp Rentals

Family Camp Rentals

For the first time ever, entire families can experience all the activities and fun everyone has come to expect from Camp Reed! Family Camp Rentals will include cabin rental by the week, or weekend, with no restrictions on the number of weeks if you want to extend your stay. Rentals are open booking–you can start your stay on any day for any length. Traditional camp activities will be available, and staff will work with you to make sure your experience is The Best! Family Camp Rentals will run July and August. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks.

We have twenty-seven (27) modern cabins available for overnight lodging, each sleeping 6-12 people. All family cabin rentals are rated for families 1-4. Additional family members will have a minimal additional fee per day. Check-in will be rolling-style from 3–5 PM and checkout is at 11AM. If your group is going to arrive later than 5 PM, please contact the onsite Rental Host at 509 276 5307 to coordinate an alternate check-in time. 

We have good news! We have worked with our local health districts and have been given permission to run Family Camp Rentals on schedule. Book your cabin reservation now by calling 509 777 9622. We can’t wait to welcome you to Camp Reed!

Available Dates & Rates: To view available dates, CLICK HERE. Rates will vary for weekdays, weekends, and weekly. An additional meal package option is available.

Cabin Rates Meals Not Included
Weekly Rate (7 days & 6 nights) $650
Weekend Daily Rate (Fri-Sun) $115
Weekday Daily Rate (Mon-Thurs) $100
Cabin Rates Meals Included
Weekly Rate (7 days & 6 nights) $750
Weekend Daily Rate (Fri-Sun) $140
Weekday Daily Rate (Mon-Thurs) $125

CLICK HERE to view the weekly menu.

Additional Fees
Additional Guest Rate $5/Day
Tent Addition $5/Day

For Reservations: Please call 509 777 9622 to book your stay at Camp Reed. To confirm your reservation, full payment is due upon booking.

Questions? Please visit our Parents Corner for more questions about Family Camp Rentals.

Family Camp Rental Agreement: CLICK HERE for the Family Camp Rental Guide. A signed copy of the Rental Agreement is due upon your arrival at Camp Reed.

Cabin’s Available for Family Rental:

To view photos of each cabin, simply click the cabin name below.

Cabin Name Bed Count
Tent Heated Proximity to Restroom
Algernon 6 No Medium
Anthony 11 T Yes Far
Cherokee 10 No Medium
Chief Gary 11 T Yes Close
Clark 12 T Yes Far
Creetus 11 T Yes Medium
Fort Smith 11 No Far
Hazen 13 No Close
Heath 11 Yes Close
Hughes 12 Yes Close
Jackman 12 T Yes Medium
Jewitt 11 T Yes Far
Kinuka 11 Yes Close
Kux 13 T Yes Medium
Lewis 11 T Yes Medium
Matters 11 T Yes Close
Moto 11 T Yes Far
Otyokwa 11 T Yes Close
Scruggs 11 Yes Medium
Tanda 11 Yes Far
Tao 11 Yes Close
Tawanka 11 T No Medium
Walters 11 No Close
Wichika 11 No Far
Wotanin 12 Yes Medium
Yahootie 11 T Yes Close
Yallani 11 No Close
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