Camp Goodtimes at YMCA Camp Reed

Co-ed, ages 7-17

2022 Dates: Family Camp, June 29-July 1, 2022
FREE for qualifying children and their families!
2022 Registration opens April 1, 2022! To register, please email the Camp Reed Office.

March 2022 Update:

From all of us at Camp Goodtimes at YMCA Camp Reed, we hope you are safe & well and looking towards longer days and summer sunshine.

It’s time for Camp Goodtimes June 29- July 1!! This summer, we will be hosting campers and their families for 3 days and 2 nights of Camp Goodtimes fun for Family Camp on-site at YMCA Camp Reed from June 29- July 1. Registration opens April 1st, go ahead and mark your calendars now and start planning for summer! To register, email the following information to the Camp Reed Office: and we will follow up to complete registration:

  • Camper name
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number

For Camp Goodtimes Family Camp 2022, there will be options for day and overnight stays. Families will stay on-site in cabins at YMCA Camp Reed with meals, lodging, and activities provided without cost to our Camp Goodtimes families. Our amazing summer camp staff will be present to host a wide variety of camp activities including swimming, boating, arts & crafts, archery, climbing tower, and MUCH more! Come check out all that Camp Goodtimes has to offer on the shores of beautiful Fan Lake at YMCA Camp Reed.

As we plan for camp, we continue to evaluate the information coming from the Center for Disease Control, Washington State Department of Health, Spokane Regional Health District, American Camping Association, and Children’s Oncology Camping Association. The information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations for summer camps is updated frequently; we are keeping a watchful eye and busy planning for the fun to come. Updated information will be sent out to families closer to the start of Family Camp with the most current information available.

With the continued generosity and support of the Community Cancer Fund, along with our fabulous team of staff and volunteers, we are planning fun activities for families of all ages, in a safe and engaging environment. While you wait for camp go ahead and sing a camp song or two and put on your favorite Camp Goodtimes t-shirt; we’ll see you soon!

Don’t forget…registration opens April 1st for Camp Goodtimes Family Camp June 29- July 1. To register, email the Camp Reed Office.

Do you still have questions? Please send us an email or call 509 720 5631.

At Camp Goodtimes, we celebrate each day and invite kids to come play and make new friends in the great outdoors! Camp Goodtimes is medically supported by pediatric and oncology physicians and nurses and is offered free of charge for children affected by cancer. Amazing camp highlights include college team visits, tie-dye extravaganza, bass fishing day, and a host of typical camp activities.

For questions, contact Katie “Krusty” Swain.

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Camp Reed has been voted the Best Camp for Kids by the Inlander Readers Poll for MANY years and our goal is to give your camper the BEST camp experience! During their stay, Camp Goodtimes campers have access to excellent pediatric, oncology and medical care. Volunteer pediatric and oncology physicians and nurses will work directly with you and your child’s oncologist should any medical needs arise while your child is at camp.

Since 1985, Camp Goodtimes has encouraged kids who have faced extraordinary circumstances to take the time to just be kids. The camp gives children diagnosed with cancer, on or off therapy, the opportunity to temporarily forget about their illness, their treatments and hospital visits. Children are encouraged to simply enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience while making friends and memories that last a lifetime. Two camping options are available: Resident Camp and Day Camp!

Thanks to generous donations from foundations, organizations and caring individuals, Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed is able to provide this camp to all participants free of charge.

Camp Goodtimes campers have access to excellent, professional healthcare during their stay. Medical oncology professionals from the area’s children’s hospital and pediatric clinics are on-site 24 hours a day, volunteering their time and services to ensure a happy and healthy camping experience for all.

Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed is designed to provide children the opportunity to develop independence and confidence, learn new skills, and to offer them the chance to make friends with others who understand and share their same situation. By providing a medically supervised summer camp, children are able to enjoy activities and outdoor experiences any child would find at our traditional youth camp. Camp Goodtimes helps to meet the physical, psychological and emotional needs of hundreds of young cancer survivors and their families each year.

The Camp Goodtimes Medical Team

The Camp Goodtimes health program operates under the direct supervision of our medical team and is designed in accordance with guidelines provided by the American Camp Association, COCA International and Providence Health Services. During day to day operations a member of our medical team may consult with you and/or your child’s physician for direction should a question arise regarding their care, treatment or activities.

Pediatric Oncology Program

The Camp Goodtimes pediatric oncology program operates under the direct supervision of our medical team and is designed in accordance with guidelines provided by the American Camp Association, COCA International and Providence Health Services. In the event of any special or emergency needs our medical team will be in contact with parents/legal guardians as well as the treating physician listed on your camper’s health form.

If a camper should develop a specific health problem that necessitates a break from normal camp activities and requires special health care, we believe that whenever practical, the camper should return to the care of the parent or legal guardian with the understanding that the camper may return to camp if the problem or issue has been resolved.

On-site mobility assistance will be provided to meet each camper’s individual needs. Emergency medical transport is available at all times.

Program Highlights

Camp Goodtimes offers children affected by cancer the opportunity to experience the fun at Camp Reed with the support of skilled medical and program staff. Campers participate in many of the same programming highlights as our traditional camp programs: all camp games, waterfront, arts and crafts, archery, campfires and much more, however, the pace at Camp Goodtimes is structured to accommodate campers with limitations. 2018 program highlights included visits by the Gonzaga University men’s and women’s basketball teams, all camp tie dye, bass fishing day, David’s Pizza dinner, Longhorn BBQ lunch, candle ceremony, Italian soda sip and paint, and luau dinner.

Eligibility Criteria

Camp Goodtimes gives the highest priority for acceptance to children on active cancer therapy along with their siblings or friend, and to children diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) along with their siblings or friend applying to camp for the first time.

  • Returning campers’ friends are only accepted after all children diagnosed with cancer or children who received a bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplantation and their sibling are placed.
  • Ages 7-17
  • A child diagnosed with cancer on active cancer therapy
  • A child who had bone marrow transplant (BMT) or stem cell transplant (SCT)
  • A child who has completed cancer therapy
  • The siblings of a child attending camp diagnosed with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had a BMT or SCT
  • A friend of a child attending camp with cancer (on or off therapy) or who had BMT or SCT (see camper acceptance priorities)
  • A sibling who has attended camp in the past, who lost their brother or sister within the past 2 years, can attend camp for one year.

Mission Statement

Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed offers families affected by childhood cancer a cost-free week of summer camp, which:

  • Affirms the joys of childhood often missed by those in treatment.
  • Fosters friendships between these children and families who share a common experience.
  • Instills confidence through a variety of programs and activities.
  • Cares for their social safety as well as their medical safety.
  • Strives to send the children back into the world as more independent, caring, and capable youth.
  • Offers families peace of mind as they entrust their children to camp for a week, and take a well-deserved break.

Cabin Assignments

Campers are housed separately by age and gender in clean, comfortable cabins. As siblings are not typically the same age, they may be housed separately. If your child wishes to be in a cabin with a friend, the friend must be the same age/grade and gender.

Family Lodging and Transportation

If your family will be traveling from a distance (2 hours each way or more) lodging at a nearby hotel may be provided for you while your child attends day camp.

If your child will be traveling a distance, airfare may be provided free of charge. Note your request for transportation on your child’s camp application.

Camp Goodtimes offers gas vouchers for all families coming to camp, and occasionally, Camp Goodtimes staff has been called upon to pick up and drop off campers. Call the office to arrange for transportation assistance.

For more details, call or contact the YMCA Camp Reed Office.

Contact Information

Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed Administrative Office

1126 N Monroe Spokane, WA 99201

Hours: 8am – 4pm, Mon – Fri

Phone: 509 777 9622

Email: Camp Reed

Fax: 509 343 4096

Camp Goodtimes at Camp Reed On-Site Office

If you must speak to a Camp Director while your child is at camp, you may call the on-site camp office. Due to our program schedule, this office will have more variable hours but will have an answering machine that will be checked at least three times daily.

Phone: 509 276 5262

Email: Katie “Krusty” Swain

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