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Planning Our Future

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey on the Glenrose YMCA project planning phase. Understanding what is important for the community is crucial to the development of final site improvements and facility design. We appreciate your interest and input as we consider our future. We will share more information as the project evolves.

Glenrose YMCA Site Plan ConceptLocated on Glenrose Avenue, just north of 57th Avenue on Spokane’s southside.

  • Project is still in the early stages where community input is being sought and no drawings or renditions yet exist other than those needed to determine if the property would adequately support a YMCA size and style facility.
  • Amenities being considered include indoor and outdoor community gathering areas, accessible trails throughout the YMCA property and adjoining conservation easement property, youth and teen programming space, early learning child care, pools and water features, gymnasium(s), and health and wellness center.
  • Building will be designed and constructed with plans to minimize visual impact and blend with natural landscape of the property. Due to the slope of the property and building height requirements a YMCA facility and parking can be placed in such a way to minimize view from street-level.
  • Timbers and other structural materials from the red barn will be preserved for use as a community gazebo.
  • Design of the building and surrounding outdoor space will honor the agricultural and natural history of the property with inclusion of wetlands and native plants and species.
  • Paras Homes has announced they will build residential housing on the property directly south of the YMCA and Bauer properties. The three parties have entered agreements where the trail system will extend to the Paras development and a shared stormwater system will be created to minimize impact on the neighborhood.
  • Partnerships with organizations such as healthcare providers that may benefit the surrounding community will be considered.
  • Traffic, parking, lights, and noise have been identified as key concerns by neighbors and will be carefully considered during the design process.
  • The Bauer family will continue to farm the land until the YMCA facility is constructed.

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Community Feedback

What we’ve learned:

  • Overall feedback is positive and respondents support the proposed Glenrose YMCA project.
  • Majority of programs and facility amenities desired by respondents appear to be very consistent with other YMCA facilities.
  • Outdoor opportunities such as a Pickleball court, walking areas, and accessible trails, were noted as top program and amenities desired.
  • Traffic, and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists is a significant concern.
  • The sentimental and historical significance of the red barn must be considered.
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